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    Grassland wire mesh machine

    The grassland wire mesh machine, also called cattle fence machine. Itcan produce grassland fence which widely used for preserving the environmentalbalance, preventing landslide and used as livestock fence.  

    Themachine has the featuresof novelty, high degree of automation, operational safety and reliability, easy operation, long life andlow price. All the parts is working coordinately and smoothly.

    Mesh Width 2000mm
    Mesh Length Max. 100m
    Side Wire Diameter 1.8mm - 3.5mm
    Warp Wire Diameter 1.8mm - 3.0mm
    Weft Wire Diameter 1.8mm - 2.5mm
    Warp Wire Mesh Size Regular size : 89+ 89+ 102+ 114+ 127+ 140+ 152+ 178+ 203+ 203+ 203+ 203+ 229
    Others size : 50mm - 200mm
    Weft Wire Mesh Size 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm
    Motor power 7.5KW
    Voltage 380V/50HZ
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